Chaldon’s Hidden Treasurers

On Friday 9 June 2023 16 people were split into two groups – one group went into Chaldon Church to listen to a talk given by Ted Howard whilst the other group went to visit the adjacent 14th Century Chaldon Court owned by Mrs Madeline Hutchins.  The groups then swapped over before having tea and cakes.

Ray Jessop, who helped organise this event, took photographs throughout the visit and is happy to share them here.




The picture on the west wall of the church is famous as the earliest known English wall painting – it dates from about 1200 and is without equal in any other part of Europe. It is thought to have been painted by a travelling artist-monk with an extensive knowledge of Greek ecclesiastical art.




Madeline Hutchins then gave an illustrated talk on the history of her home, the 14th century Chaldon Court.  Madeline told us how she has carefully restored Chaldon Court to retain its historic features.  As the sun was shining we were able to enjoy tea and delicious cakes in the garden.


We have already had one member contact us to say “Thanks to the society for arranging today and for making todays outing very special.  I had a great time”.


Thanks go to Stella, Ray and Joyce for organising this event and to Ray for the phographs.



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