Lectured and Institutionalised!


On Thursday 26 January we visited The Guildford Institute, an old and venerable building just off North Street, where after climbing many stairs (or taking the lift), we enjoyed learning about our Surrey area past and present.

The sell-out lecture was delivered by Lorraine Spindler a Military Historian, Genealogist, ex curator of Leatherhead Museum and all-round knowledgeable Surrey lady.


The informal talk was accompanied by slides and the clever technology that was able to pinpoint areas where past architecture could be uncovered beneath the various guises of different stages and eras of modernity.

Guests attending were encouraged to ask questions and there were many “oh I remember” comments on the nearer past about buildings which are long gone or replaced. We were also shown projected images of our towns planned modernisation. There was not a great deal of enthusiasm shown for future “improvements”!

Suitably educated and in need of refreshment we all trooped into the Institute dining room for tea, coffee, and an array of homemade cakes. Here we were beautifully entertained by the accomplished Trevor who played semi classical and “music from the movies” tunes on the old and perfectly preserved Bechstein piano.

The Institute has proved to be a good venue offering many possibilities for future events…..watch this space!

Heather Aitken



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