Making Space for Nature with the Surrey Choices Growth Team

Last week, the Surrey Choices Growth Team did a marvellous job revamping concrete cisterns used by Canadian soldiers during the Second World War, into important wildlife ponds.

Working with the landowner of Shere Woodlands, the Growth Team set about clearing debris from an empty cistern, including carefully ushering out a couple of field mice that had made their home there! They were pleased to find that the base seemed completely undamaged, and it is hoped that this will naturally fill (when it finally rains!) to create a water source for wildlife.

They also created a set of wildlife steps for a second cistern which is already full of water and harbouring aquatic plants. It is hoped that this will improve access to the water source for a whole range of wildlife. This was created using old logs, which will also create habitat for invertebrates.

Great work!



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