Messing about on the River

Last Saturday, 22 June 34 members enjoyed a serene glide along the Wey & Arun Canal whilst enjoying a chat, cuppa and cake.  A volunteer provided information about the canal and also about the flora and fauna to be found riverside.  The weather was glorious and, as you can see, everyone had a jolly good time.











One of the guests asked why there were no ducks or other birdlife on the canal, the answer is sadly – Minks!  Since their release they have bred uncontrollably and being aggressive carnivores will and do eat everything.

The safety instructions from the crew were that in the unlikely event you were to fall in they would shout  ”STAND UP” – the water is only a few feet deep.

Thanks go to Heather Aitken for organising this event and to Gordon Jackson for the photographs.



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