St John’s Seminary

This visit was a real gem – to gain access to a building that has rarely been visited by groups such as ours. Father Jonathan, Director of Studies, gave us an insight into the history of the building and the reasons for it having been built. We were told about how the building had been extended in the 1960s to accommodate more students, with the heyday of student numbers being in the 1970s. Today there are only 20 students although the numbers can fluctuate quite quickly.

We then progressed into the Ambulacrum, an impressive open space 210 feet long and 19 feet wide which runs the full length of the main section of the building at ground floor level and contains a shrine to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The next stop was in the Chapel, which is dedicated to the Sacred Heart. We were told about the changes that had occurred within the Chapel over the years and the various side Chapels were explained to us. One of the Priest’s robes was available for us to inspect.

IMG_2974IMG_2976 Upstairs in the library, we were given a summary of the courses currently provided and how the Priesthood is structured.

The visit finished with an opportunity for further questions over a very welcome cup of tea.

Peter Arnold



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