A Pixham Perambulation

“Two more of Surrey’s hidden gems. I didn’t know either of these existed!” exclaimed many of the participants to this fabulous afternoon. The weather was with the visitors and made the Patchworking gardens to look at their best.  We were privileged to be invited by Lady Wedgwood to her gardens and into Pixham Mill. He was very interesting and kind guide. Her gardens were destroyed by 2013 flooding and have fortunately recovered magnificently.

Lady Wedgwood  

Wonderful Waverley

The Society members enjoyed an exclusive visit to Waverley Abbey House followed by an exploration of the stunning ruins of Waverley Abbey. Many enthousiastics commented the visit afterwards: “So interesting! I had not been to this area before.” “I had no idea about this fascinating place!” Waverley Abbey - July 2016

Chairman SHS with Mayor and Mayoress of Farnham ay Waverley Abbey event July 2016

SHS Chairman with Mayor and Mayoress of Farnham at Waverley Abbey House

IMAG1374  IMAG1363