Map Reading Day

The chilly weather didn’t discourage our participants. The course was fully booked and all were very keen to learn how to use their maps and compasses in an accurate manner.

The morning was spent learning everything in theory and in the afternoon we tried to follow the instructions of the morning session, some more successfully than others.

A few comments at the end of the day:

“Thank you for a very informative day! I have learnt a lot – I just need to get out and practice now.”

“After today’s training, the map reading is not such a mystery any more. Thank you Peter!”

A Day out in Dorking

Part of our group, who had a fascinating day despite the weather, by the war memorial.

One of the many questions on the day was about the date, why 1919 instead 1918 designating the end of the war? We were told that it includes some who died after repatriation from wartime injuries.

A Society member comments on the day:

“Dorking is a very interesting town – surprising what there is behind the High Street which you normally never see as you travel through!”