Historical Dorking – a Visit to the Caves and the Museum

18th April 2024, 13:30 - 16:00



Visit to Dorking Caves and Museum

Thursday 18 April 2024
1.30pm assemble 
Finish at 4pm





The Dorking ‘caves’ are tunnels, being manmade and as such not caves in the true sense of the word (a natural underground/cliff-side space large enough for a human to enter).   Dorking Caves is a long-used name and the one used in all promotional and official literature.

The exact age of the caves is unknown. Historian John Aubrey mentioned them in the late 17th century, praising their qualities as wine cellars, in which capacity parts of them served until the 19th century. Extensive graffiti adorns the caves, largely from the 18th and 19th centuries. The oldest date found inscribed on the walls is 1672.

Dorking Museum has recently re-opened after a fire in the next door building which caused some damage. Their current temporary exhibition features the Surrey Yeomanry which was run by the gentry around Dorking from the Napoleonic wars up to the First World War.

We will have a guided tour of the museum.  One group of 10 will visit the caves first and then swop over to the museum and the other group will have the tours the opposite way round.

We are not including any refreshments in this event but there are multiple options in the town for lunch or afternoon tea.

The tunnel floors are sandy and uneven and there are 45 steps down to the lower chamber. You must wear solid footwear. The tunnels are lit by candles and it may take a minute or two to accustom yourself to the low light level. Please bear these facts in mind when booking.

Cost to Members: £14
Cost to Non-members: £17
This cost includes a tour of the caves and a donation to the museum who do not charge.

ThIs event is not suitable for pushchairs or those with mobility challenges.

No dogs allowed.

Deadline for booking is 11 April 2024

Any enquiries please contact us at

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